A La Carte Menu


Chicken Wings £6.50
Honey Sauce, BBQ Sauce,Peking Sauce, or Salt & Pepper
Spare Ribs £6.50
Honey Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Peking Sauce, or Salt & Pepper
Garlic £6.90
King Prawn, Squid or Scallops £1 extra
Satay £6.90
King Prawn, Chicken, or Beef
Whole Aromatic Duck £40.00
Half Aromatic Duck
Quarter Aromatic Duck£15.00
Shredded crispy duck served with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber & sweet hoi sin sauce

Lighter Starters

Crispy Seaweed £5.50
Lettuce Wrap £6.90
Chicken, or King Prawn
Dim Sum Basket £15.00
Prawn Cocktail £6.50

Deep Fried Starters

Wun Tun £5.50
Sesame Prawn Toast £5.90
Spring Rolls £5.50
King Prawn in Batter £6.20
Hors D'Ouvres £6.90
Mushrooms with Garlic Mayonnaise £5.50


Jade Special Soup £5.50
Chicken Mushroom Soup £4.90
Chicken Noodle Soup £4.90
Chicken Sweetcorn Soup £4.90
Beaten Egg & Tomato Soup £4.90
Wun Tun Soup £5.50
Tom Yum Soup £5.50
Hot and Sour Soup £5.50
Seafood Soup £5.90
Vegetable Cantonese Soup £4.50

Thai & Indonesian Dishes

Ho Mok Kai
Chicken cooked in spicy coconut gravy
flavoured with lemon grass
Kaeng Kiew Wan Neua/Kai
Green curry beef or chicken cooked with
coconut milk & herbs
Panang Neua/ Kai
Red curry beef or chicken cooked with
coconut milk & herbs
Panang Koong
Red curry king prawn with
coconut milk & herbs
Chilli Sweet & Sour King Prawn with Basil £11.00
Sambal Udang
King Prawn in hot sambal sauce £11.00
Sambal Ayam/Dading
Chicken/beef in hot sambal sauce £9.50
Padang Ayam
Spicy coconut Chicken £9.50

Sweet & Sour

Jade Garden Special Sweet & Sour
Sweet & Sour King Prawn
Sweet & Sour Chicken/ Pork
Sweet & Sour Fish

Original or Singapore Syle
Mixed Seafood Curry
Jade Garden Special Curry £13.50
King Prawn Curry £11.00
Chick/ Beef/ Pork Curry £9.50

Satay Dishes
Served in a rich peanut sauce with peppers and onions Combination £13.50
King Prawn, Beef, Chicken
King Prawn Satay £11.00
Chicken Satay £9.50
Beef Satay £9.50

Szechuen Dishes
Spicy red bean sauce with a slight sweetness, served with chunky peppers & onions
Szechuen King Prawn £11.00
Szechuen Chicken/ Pork/ Beef £9.50

Tze Chiu Dishes
Peppers, Onions and Black Bean Sauce
Tze Chiu King Prawn or Fish £11.00
Tze Chiu Duck £10.50
Tze Chiu Chicken, Pork or Beef £9.50

Fried Rice

Jade Garden Special Fried Rice £13.50
King Prawn Fried Rice £10.50
Chicken Fried Rice £9.50 Chicken & Char Siu Fried Rice £9.50
Singapore Fried Rice Spicy £9.50

Duck Dishes

Roast Duck with Plum or Orange Sauce £10.50
Duck with Beansprouts & Oyster Sauce £10.50
Barbecued Duck £10.50
Kom Po Duck £10.50
Duck with Ginger and Spring Onions £10.50

Chicken Dishes

Chicken with Cashew Nuts £9.50
Fried Chicken with Brocolli £9.50
Chicken with White Mushroom £9.50
Deep fried Chicken Chinese style £9.50
Shredded Chilli Chicken £9.50
Shredded chicken with Chilli & Salt (dry) £9.50
Barbecued Chicken and Pork Special £9.50
Lemon/ Orange/ Mango Chicken £9.50
Tom Yum Chicken £9.50
Kom Po Chicken £9.50
Chicken Foo Yung £9.50
Siamese Chicken £9.50

Vegetarian Dishes

Fried Monks Vegetables £8.90
Sweet & Sour Vegetables £8.90
Curried Vegetables £8.90
Chinese Vegetables £8.90
Tze Chiu Vegetables £8.90
Szechuen Vegetables £8.90
Vegetable Satay £8.90

Chow Mein

Jade Garden Chow Mein £13.50
King Prawn Chow Mein
Chicken or Beef Chow Mein £10.50
Mixed Seafood Chow Mein £13.50
Singapore Fried Noodles £11.50

Beef & Pork Dishes

Fillet Steak Cantonese Style in Peking or Peppercorn Sauce £13.50
Beef or Pork with Ginger & Spring Onion £9.50
Two Roast (Roast Pork & Roast Duck) £10.50
Beef or Pork with white mushroom £8.50
Char Siu (Chinese Roast Pork) £9.50
Shredded Chilli Beef & Carrots £8.50

Seafood Dishes

Scallops with Ginger & Spring Onions £13.50Scallops with chopped garlic£13.50
King Prawn with Brocolli £11.00
Kom Po King Prawn £11.00
King Prawns with Cashew Nuts £11.00
Siamese King Prawn £11.00
Squid, Fish or King Prawns with Chopped Garlic £11.00
Seafood Foo Yung £13.50
Tom Yum King Prawn £11.00
King Prawn Foo Yung £11.00

Side Portions

Chow Mein or Yau Mein Noodles £3.00
Fried Rice £2.50
Boiled Rice £2.50
French Fries £2.50
Onion Rings or Fried Onions £3.00
Beansprouts £3.00
Curry, BBQ or Sweet & Sour Sauce £2.00
Nasi Coco (Coconut Rice) £3.00

Jade Garden 5 Course Banquet

Minimum 2 people. £25.00 each..
Starter (select 1 each)
Jade Garden Hors D'Oeuvres
Choice of Soups
2nd Course
Honey Spare Ribs
Peking Chicken Wings
Lettuce Chicken
Aromatic Duck or Lamb
Main Course
The main dishes can be selected with chicken, beef, pork, duck or king prawn and is served with fried rice and noodles.
Sweet & Sour
Tze Chiu
Tom Yum
Ginger & Spring Onion
Choice of Dessert
Tea and Coffee

2 Banq. = 3 dishes, 3 Banq. = 4 dishes, 4 Banq. = 5 dishes etc. Max. 5 Dishes per table with larger portions.